Grill Bags

Grill Bags

Reynolds Wrap® Heavy Duty Grill Bags let you make practically anything on the grill! These unique foil bags make it easy to quickly grill up dishes that aren’t normally made on the grill, like pasta, fajitas, and more.
  • Extra Tough & Grill or Oven Ready
  • Pre-Cut Vent for Perfect Steam Control
  • Holds Up to 4 Servings Per Bag
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Extra Tough & Grill or Oven Ready

These grill bags deliver heavy duty reliability, making preparing foods on the grill or oven even easier to enjoy without messy cleanup

Pre-Cut Vent for Perfect Steam Control

Perfect steam control from the pre-cut vent helps infuse flavors and create tender meat and veggies, and al-dente pasta

Holds Up to 4 Servings Per Bag

Make quick meals on the grill to feed family and friends and save time on cleanup afterward

Only Grill Bag that Opens on the Long Side For:

  • Easy Food Preparation
  • Convenient Access to Mixing During the Grilling Process
  • Quick & Easy Food Removal for Serving

Grilling Instructions

Open aluminum foil grill bag with grill chicken, onions and bell peppers inside sitting on a charcoal grill


  • High (450-500°F) for Meats
  • Med-High (400°F) for Vegetables

PLACE food in bag in even layer with steam vent and "THIS SIDE UP" on top. Always sprinkle 1 tablespoon seasoning or flour on food to protect against bursting.

FOLD twice to close bag. Carefully place on grill and close lid to cook.

OPEN bag halfway through cook time to enhance flavor and browning. Unfold bag with grill mitts/tongs. Leave bag open, close lid and continue grilling until done.

SCRUNCH bag to close. Remove hot bag from grill carefully and place on a tray to transport. Serve and enjoy!

Make Practically Anything on the Grill!

Grill up more of your favorite foods and easily add sauces and seasonings to infuse delicious grill-fired flavor into pasta, fajitas, seafood and more. Explore Reynolds Wrap curated recipes for quick meals with less mess and easier cleanup.
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Product FAQs

Yes, you can use the Grill Bags on the grill or in the oven.

No, Reynolds Wrap® Grill Bags are not made for use in the microwave.

No, Reynolds Wrap® Grill Bags have not been tested in toaster ovens.

Only for a short period of time and on a tray in the refrigerator, and not recommended for the freezer due to the pre-cut vent and to avoid freezer burn.

Yes, but foil bag must be rinsed before recycling & not able to recycle in all communities, so please check with your local recycling center.

Foods containing 1/2 cup to 1 cup of liquid can be cooked in a Reynolds Wrap® Grill Bag, but will need to be placed on a tray.

Yes, but you must take special care to handle raw meats in a food safe manner. It is recommended that you drain marinade from your meats and use a meat thermometer to make sure that your meats reach the safe doneness temperature.

There is no need, just lay your food evenly in the bag. You should always keep the side with the pre-cut vent on top.

No, for food safety reasons, Reynolds Wrap® Grill Bags should not be reused.

Use oven mitts and/or tongs to CAREFULLY unfold the open side of the bag, being mindful of steam as you open. Use serving utensils to remove food. Stir juices in the bag to blend them and spoon over your food.

If you make a small tear, try to pinch the foil back together. If you make a larger tear, place a sheet of Reynolds Wrap Aluminum Foil over the tear to prevent too much heat from escaping. You should check for doneness at the recommended time, but it may require additional cooking time.